Living areas

Garden lounge

Colonial with a contemporary lift. This spacious, airy lounge beckons frozen margaritas and tapas, playing a game of backgammon or laze on the luxurious couches with a favourite novel . Slip on the sandals and take a stroll, breathing in the therapeutic, salty air.

Garden Lounge

Tip out a toy box of treasures and toys, engage in the delight of girls & boys…

Upstairs TV lounge

Allow yourself the indulgence of languishing on puffy couches which seem to ‘swallow’ you. Lose yourself in a good movie or catch up on the latest sport. Kick back with a thirst quenching G&T or sip a sherry…you deserve this break!

Upstairs TV Lounge

Dining area

An 8 seater table encourages closeness as family and friends share meals, play scrabble or decipher hand scribbled treasure maps. Meal times may be rushed back home… so slow down…enjoy and digest the simple pleasures of ‘together’…

Dining Area

Dining Area

The Deck

An early morning coffee to greet the delightful sunrise, or sundowner to celebrate the beauty of a typical day on the south coast. Be on the lookout for a whale breaching with a great splash, or dolphins playfully frolicking in the distance, count the ships on the horizon or wave to helicopters chasing the picturesque shoreline creating unforgettable memories.

The Deck

The Patio & Pool

Start off your day by enjoying a sunny breakfast, Southcoast style, on our inviting patio. Or just soak up the sun in a tropical garden environment watching the local King Fishers trying to catch geckos, or perhaps even spot one of the many Long-crested Eagles in the area. While our sparkling blue pool, artfully nestled between our 300 year old palm trees, is a peaceful oasis inviting you to cool off and relax.

The Patio